Naturally occurring elements that happen to soy wax include frosting and wet spots. Frosting may occur naturally with soy wax as it is a crystallization process. Wet spots is the appearance of the cooled wax peeling away from the glass jar. Both the frosting and wet spots do not impact the burn of a soy wax candle.

At Mind Mana Creations, I’ve continuously experiment with different types of soy wax types (such as 444 vs. 464) along with experimenting different pour temperatures, to produce the optimal soy wax candle with the most limited wet spot and frosting occurrence. That being said, frosting and wet spots may occur anyways, and no one (even the large candle companies) can control the ultimate outcome of this. Please rest assured that if you do see some frosting or wet spots that these will not impact your candle burn.

Soy wax has “memory”. Similar to memory foam beds where it adjusts to your body shape, soy wax has this characteristic of burning to it’s maximum diameter size from the “first burn”.

So please be sure that you let your candle burn to the edge of the glass on your first burn. Should you burn and extinguish the flame before the candle has a chance to have a melt pool of its jar diameter, you risk the subsequent burns “tunneling”, meaning it will burn melt pool diameter down the middle.

At Mind Mana Creations, I’ve continuously experiment with the different types of wicks and matching them with combination of jar size, soy wax type, and fragrance oil load to have optimal burn, where the candles burn not too weak or not too quickly.

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