I have always loved candles and scents, and turned to playing with waxes, scents, and crystals. Playing brought so much light to my spirit, I wanted to share with the world.

My vision: to make every candle I create a work of art, a balm to battered spirits, to renew flagging hearts.

I focus each candle to enhance and support specific energies. With love and gratitude to Hawai’i Nei, I pour my heart and soul into each soy candle, sharing my aloha with you.

If my candles make you curious, I definitely encourage you to jump in and try making your own. There is always room for more Lightbringers in this world.

The Mind Mana Creation candles and collections are birthed out of the intuitive creative energies present in the moment. Once the line is sold out, I may or may not create that same candle/collection again. Creation is tied directly into energy flows.

Who is behind Mind Mana Creations?

Aloha and hi there, I’m Harrison.

I grew up never just focusing on one thing, but always had an interest in many different areas. I graduated with a degree in Atmospheric Science at Cornell with the idea of being a TV meteorologist, which then led me to the functional fashion industry, and then later discovered my passion for travel around the world, which I indulged for several years. I was searching, but I did not know what I sought.

On a whim, I bought a one-way ticket in August 2012 to Hawai’i. Finally I had found home. I no longer felt I was floating aimlessly through my life. Now, I work with a local airline while exploring my creativity through candle making.

These islands are a limitless source of wonder and inspiration, free-diving in the ocean, waterfall hiking all feed my spirit and fuel my creations.

I wholeheartedly thank you for exploring Mind Mana Creations and hope you find joy.

"As a Leo, I had to get a Fire candle. Smells so good and love the crystal chips on the top. Too pretty to burn."

– Paul L.