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4oz Amber Jars
Candle Collections

Many of the popular crystal candle creations are now in 4oz Amber Jars.

Lemuria Collection
+ Luxe Candles

Light a Lemuria candle and connect with your past Lemurian soul. Relive the energies of the legendary times of Lemurian civilization, a long lost continent thought to be located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Legend has it that the Hawaiian islands were the massive mountaintops of the continent of Mu, that sank into the ocean, leaving behind the islands of Hawaii along with the many other Pacific islands that currently dot across the ocean today.

Salt Water Vibes Candles

The Salt Water Vibes candle collection features inspirations from my ocean and coral reef adventures to my personal spiritual journey. Light an Ocean Therapy and Vitamin Sea candle and evoke the feeling of walking in the soft sandy beaches or deep diving in tropical clear blue seas of Hawaiʻi. Light a Lemuria and Atlantis candle and connect with your past soul journey of these legendary civilizations.

Dreaming of Hawaiʻi Candles

The Dreaming of Hawaiʻi candle collection features inspirations from my experiences living in Hawaiʻi Nei. All these candles are imbued with the scents, shells, charms, and crystals and represent a personal story of mine, from my ocean and coral reef adventures to the raw fiery power of Kīlauea’s lava eruption. Whether you are kamaʻāina, from the Mainland, or anywhere around the world, these candles will bring Light to your personal memories and emotions of your time in Hawaiʻi.

Intention Candles

The Intention candle collection showcases the four main areas of my life where I’ve focused my personal mana into what I’m looking to manifest. These four main areas include Wealth, Health, Protection, and Love. Intention candles are also known as magic, spell, or ritual candles and for many centuries across various cultures around the world, many have used this form of candle burning to ask and encourage divine energies to help with manifesting desired outcomes. All Intention candles I create are imbued with high vibrational energies, and various crystals, herbs, scents, and charms that are closely associated with respective intention category. Start manifesting your full potential by evoking the energies of the Light with an Intention candle.

Elemental Candles

Inspired by the four natural elements in our world: Fire, Earth, Air, and Water. Each of these elements carries their own attributes from around the world. I’ve imbued each of the Elemental candles using the colors, crystals, and scents that spoke to me. When you choose your own Elemental candle, allow your internal mana to gravitate towards those Elemental candles that would help you bring more Light into your life.