In late September 2021 I purchased the Love candle from Mind Mana Creations in order to attract more love into my life. I had been single for a while, and I was feeling a bit hopeless that I would ever find my person. I also figured that it would be good to attract all kinds of love, such as self-love, platonic love, and familial love.

A few weeks later I started burning the love candle nightly in my room. I was feeling the love from everywhere except in the romantic sense.
A few days later I randomly decided to check my dating apps, and one of my matches was with this woman who I instantly connected with. The next night I took her to Ala Moana Beach for a romantic candlelight picnic dinner under the stars. I brought along the Love candle to use that night to bring about romantic vibes to our date. Boy did it ever!

Me and that woman went on multiple dates after that first one, and we plan to go out on many more in the future! My girl was so impressed with the Love candle when I brought it out on our first date, and soon after exclaimed, “Did you put a love spell on me with that Love candle?! Lol”.

I am so glad I bought the Love candle from Harrison! I do believe it helped me attract love in all senses of the word, including in the part that I was having the most trouble with…romantic love. Thank you Harrison for making this candle, and all of the other magical candles you have made! Your candle has changed my life in such a magical way, and I am so grateful for your candle making gift! If you want to attract more love all around into your life buy and burn the Love candle! It smells incredible, has extra healing goodies like rose quartz crystals, is a beautiful color, and of course…it works!

– Tara C.

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