(SOLD OUT) 8oz On a Beach in Hawaii Candle (Glow-in-the-Dark top) – Sea Salt & Orchid Scented Soy Wax Candle


Collection: Dreaming of Hawaii Collection.

Glow-in-the-Dark: Bright Aqua glow on candle top. Glow shown in photo is a bit brighter than actual. Charge candle top with artificial light or shaded natural sunlight for 2-3 hours for maximum glow. Best charged in the later afternoon/evening time period when candle glows at sundown.

Scent Profile: Sea Salt & Orchid (Top: Ozone, Citrus // Middle: Honeydew Melon, Violet // Base: Oakmoss, Ozone).

Crystals: One tumbled Citrine crystal, one Clear Quartz point, and assorted White Moonstone crystal chips.

Shells: Two natural small seashells.

(Note: please expect variations of the candle top items as they are randomly chosen)

Color: White.

Size & Burn Time: 8oz natural soy wax. Approximate burn time: 40-50 hours.

Vessel: Hand-poured in clear glass jar that was manufactured in USA.

100% handmade soy wax candles - variations in crystal, herbs, charms, color, texture, and appearance from candle to candle and are considered normal, expected and not a defect.

***Some candles may have "frosting" on the top and sides, this is a completely natural effect of 100% soy wax, is not a defect, and does not affect burn ability or scent throw.***


Candles are shipped via USPS Priority Mail from Honolulu, Hawaii and delivery typically takes 3 to 7+ days from shipment date (shipment tracking # is included!). I send you an email with the shipment tracking # when your order ships.

Be aware that due to COVID and limited USPS staffing, that shipments maybe delayed.

NOTE: Currently only shipping within all 50 U.S. states from Hawaii. Will consider shipping U.S. territories or internationally on case by case basis via custom order.

Exchange Policy:

I will consider exchanges on a case-by-case basis. Used candles cannot be refunded or returned. If your candle is burning incorrectly or damaged during shipment, please send photographs of the candle and the packaging so I can assess what is best.


Mind Mana Creations assumes no responsibility for any damage that may occur due to misuse or improper handling. A burning candle should always have adult supervision, be placed apart from drafts and wind, and be kept out of the reach of children.

I feel that candles, crystals, herbs, and charms can complement other therapies and support energetic well being. The benefits cited come from various sources of lore, and are in no way a substitute for medical advice, treatment or diagnosis.

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